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Arkadiatri's Journal
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Monday, July 16th, 2007
4:14 pm
Hey all -

I know I've been away from writing for quite some time, but I figure I should mention that I'll be back in Michigan again starting tomorrow!  Planning on going to the music festival and head up to Houghton for a day or two... I wonder if anyone I know is still around...
Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
1:24 pm
Had a dream where I was on a team like SG-1 but bigger and it wsa our job to tunnel through a mountain, and there were twists and turns to avoid dangerous formations, but eventually we finished. Later it was our job to take people through it on kind of a guided tour, and we were telling stories about building it and how there were often false alarms and everyone had to evacuate the cave, like the hydrogen hot air balloon made out of a rectangular bag two bricks-width actoss that got toward a candle on the ceiling and set off the fire alarms (mostly O'Neil's fault), and like the section that was all muddy so buttresses had to be built, but there was no purchase on the floor, so we had to lay down a floor of bricks and build the buttress on top of that (Carter's idea?). Everyone had to get off the railroad carts for some reason, and we had to walk out, and I was explaining to someone about how we built this tunnel and it struck me how I knew and remembered building every foot of this seven miles and was filled with a great sense of pride. On the way out Landry was checking his revolver so I handed him the bullets and casings I had picked up in the tunnel. I know there was stuff on either side of the dream, but I can't remember quite what.
Friday, May 25th, 2007
11:22 pm
Just got back from anime club. Good showing - Claymores 1-4 then The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
Sunday, May 13th, 2007
1:30 am
Development and metal dep today (something went wrong and the metal was too thin, but I think it'll work anyway), and karate, and then gaming session over at Mean People. We played two games of Arkham Horror, a really fun game where elder gods try to eat you. But we won both times! Well, I got destroyed when the big bad guy came through the fifth open gate while I was in another dimension (my money and guns as the dilletante not helping at all), so I sulked for a bit, but in the second game as the converted cultist I helped close a gate! We all got some pretty good teamwork going. Mat and I were on the Awesome Bench, and Dale, Alicia, Rich, Ian, Kenny and Lokie were also in on the game. Looking forward to playing again sometime.

I've also begun making a Settlers: The Gathering game (making a Catan gameset out of magic cards). I kinda would like to have lands to make the land out of, but I'm making do with a bunch of extra commons from the Apocalypse set from back when Pete and Greg and I bought boxes in college. I don't really need 15 of some crappy card, right? It takes me a little over half an hour to make a hex, so this is gonna take a while (and I still have to design the other pieces, and I have no idea what I'm doing for numbers...)

So late... and there really are some graphene things I need to get done for Jing tomorrow in lab. Ah well, goodnight!
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
4:43 pm
In honor of getting Lokie hooked on <a href="http://www.dominic-deegan.com/">Dominic Deegan</a> and <a href="http://www.catharsiscomic.com/">Catharsis</a> I figured I'd post about <a href="http://www.freecomicbookday.com/">Free Comic Book Day</a> this Saturday around the country.  Check it out!

So a lot has happened in the last six months/year, and I'm sad that I haven't written more about it.  The weekend before last I went to UIUC with Alfonso to see the Rogers group and over the weekend visited Becca and Ron and Dan W.!  That, however meant that I missed the Beer Pong party Ryan was throwing.  Our apartment still hasn't recovered ;  )  When I came back one of my jalapeno peppers had gone from dark green to bright red - amazing!  Two mimosa have sprouted in my planter, but nothing else (there are, what, 30 or 36 spots?) and the Ginkgo is doing fine and needs to be turned away from the window every couple of days.

I've been looking over Magic cards lately and will be selling some this week.  It's kinda sad, but kinda was my rationalization for getting them in the first place.  But in reviewing what I had I bonded with them again, and now instead of getting rid of most of them I'm probably going to end up trying to complete my partial sets.

Lots of visiting of family is going to happen this summer.  The last few weeks have been bad for my sleep schedule.  My webcomic reading lagged for three weeks as I got back into Adventure Quest and made it from Level 91 to 97.6; in a week or so I should have enough to go on the Alnaphar quest for the Shadow set (or should I go for the Reign set... I don't know!).  I still have my computers to clean up datawise, but completed my music inventory, organization, and tagging.  I find loud music on my Gigabeat drowns out the ambient lab noise and helps keep me awake enough to do lithography or other processing overnight.  I made it through Weird Al's entire collection one night before leaving for the UIUC trip.  It's actually quite nice down there - and their group is much better equipped than ours in terms of accessible facilities.

I broke down and bought a flat screen monitor... It's kinda nice, but I appreciate the omnidirectionality of my CRT.  Nobody on CraigsList wants the old ones though.  Big surprise.  Earlier today I realized that my Magic sets have a much higher monetary volume and mass density than that LCD monitor I just bought... I found that amusing.

Junior lab is almost over... time to meet with Jing, catch a nap, go over to Lokie's so she can play FFXII, and then come back and continue to work, putting gates on my graphene devices.  Fun fun fun ;  )
Monday, February 5th, 2007
10:45 am
I just noticed what the abbreviation for "thesis proposal summary" is... guess I don't like them either ; )
Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
12:37 am
Back from anime. Nothing exciting. I did get pocky though. And it looked like it was raining leaving Building 13, but it was snowing. so I caught snowflakes on my tongue on the way home.
Friday, February 2nd, 2007
7:41 pm
Lokie's off ET'ing, BSG has been moved to Sunday, Most others are off at a hockey game... so I'm celebrating the last day of IAP by doing my one truly independent event - Anime Club ; ) I'm not expecting much, but it's been so long since I've been...

Dad called this evening too (as the opening credits were rolling, good think I had it on vibrate then ring), and we talked for a bit. Looking forward to ordering pizza and looking over my robocraft code, or maybe trying to update my website (which I last did in this same location, 6-120, during some other showing). Well, I do have to type quietly at least... does anybody make silent laptop keyboards?
Saturday, January 27th, 2007
1:53 am
Went out with Keith & co. to the Muddy tonight to celebrate the completion of his doctorate. Tremendously good time from 7-12, and then I listened to old music with Ryan. Very fun evening. Lots of Sam Adams.
Thursday, December 14th, 2006
3:26 pm
It's so nice outside today - smells like spring, and there's been sun. Finished grading for Junior Lab this morning, which transitioned into grades discussions basically through 2pm. Now it's over, and it seems so sudden.
Thursday, December 7th, 2006
5:23 pm
My thesis proposal went well today. Was up all night working on it, had Junior Lab orals to attend in the morning, met with Jing for two hours to go over the presentation and talk about research, then actually gave the presentation to Jing, Millie, Ray, and Patrick in 4-360. Total time there was 1:10. They were positive about it, a bit cautious about the engineering aspect, and want to see some more preliminary work. Little break for a bite to eat (tried jalapenos in my burrito), then another JLab oral to listen to, and a farewell dinner for Adam and Maria from JLab starting in 40 minutes downstairs. If I can stay awake through survivor, it's a well-deserved bedtime afterward.
Sunday, November 12th, 2006
11:25 pm
Went ice skating today - first time this year - with Lokie, Ian, Shaina, and Thomas.
Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
8:35 pm
I voted today!
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
10:55 pm
Tested in Isshinryu today with Jennifer(2), Chris, and Rebecca; I'm now 8th kyu. Went out to dinner at Mary Chung's afterward.
Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
4:40 pm
I have a girlfriend, and I submitted a thesis title : )
There's a lot to catch up on... maybe once I feel I can slack a bit as a Junior Lab TA?
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
11:30 am
Shut down the temperature monitior after 3.432 million seconds of continuous operation (I think it was beginning to bog down the computer).
Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
9:37 am
Well, I find it kind of strange at least that it's 9:15 and I'm the first one from my group around today.

DreamsCollapse )
Monday, August 7th, 2006
1:01 pm
It's odd, but last night and into now when I lie or sit still I still feel like I'm going down a waterslide backward, or washing up and down in the waves. It's kinda relaxing : )
Sunday, August 6th, 2006
10:32 pm
Today was Water Country! I have now been to a water park! Lots of fun. We hit the big group waterslides first, and then went around to the double and individual ones in that corner of the park. Break for lunch over by the wave pool, then we got tubes and went around the lazy river a couple times, playing a bit of bumper tubes and making a big long chain. Then more waterslides, Geronimo and the colored body chutes. Spent some time in the wave pool on tubes (allowed us to focus on horsing around enough to be yelled at by the lifeguards instead of just treading water : ) Turned in our tubes and headed for the far side of the park for last rides on the two slides we hadn't been on, Very fun, and a big silly tube-bonk pokefest. Nap a bit on the way back so as not to annoy Keith ; ) then dinner at a seafood/Mediterranean place - the one that's the rear end of a ship on the highway back near Boston. Sunburn on my right shoulder to show for the day, and a persistent chlorine smell.
12:02 am
Thursday night: setting up DWI on my laptop again and testing it out to see if it was party-worthy, then calling Dan W to see what's up with him. Talked for an hour and a half, though part of that was us trying to remember what music was stuck in my head from choir years back. Before this time next year I need to plan and take some vacation that involves a stop by his place.

Friday: Three hours of lithography in the morning, then party at Mean People celebrating Lokie's final actual day of work, and (covertly) Ian's birthday! There was lambic and champagne and sparkling cider, lots of delicious handmade lemonade and limeade (made by Thor, who I have finally met now; the rosemary lemonade was especially delicious). And a vegan chocolate cake that Alicia brought. Lots of hanging and talking (listening), though somehow I ended up heading out kind of late. It takes me 16 minutes to bike back to my apartment. Oh, and I wore a helmet (even went back to get it from Prospect), and will try to remember to get some lights before too long.

Saturday: Isshinryu, then lunch at the student center with Rich, Ian, Lokie, and David (Anna's again). Ian and Lokie and I went back to my place to finish watching Escaflowne. It actually wrapped up pretty well, though I'm still left wondering if Dornkirk was insane, naive, evil, or bored. Since they failed to escape at that point I think we went on to about two hours of AMV goodness. By the time they left it was time for dinner (and a couple aspirin, maybe because I forgot to make sure my monitor was configured for 85Hz after the move to the living room.

Sunday (pending): Water Country! Only issue might be that they don't allow any metal on swimsuits, but mine have a couple grommets... hrm. I don't think I have my old suit in Boston; I have another one, but it's a small and I fear the short shorts. Just gotta make sure I get up on time (sleep schedule's been erratic of late, but as long as I'm getting eight hours I should be OK. To sleep tonight listening to Shriekback.
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