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arkadiatri's Journal

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16 October
Geez, at a glance? I'm quiet most of the time, that is to say, I tend to keep to myself, but there are times when the only thing to do is let yourself have a little fun. I'm curious about things, I suppose; the why and the how intrigue me. My current major is physics, others I might consider are chemistry, elecrtical engineering, philosophy, and mathematics, perhaps in that order. Life wouldn't be fun without a bit of all of them, though : ) Let me know what you think, let me know your theories. For goodness' sake, argue with me! Friendly competition only, though, this is a society of our own making. In some things I am so primitive, but I like to think that I have capacity. It's nice to be in a good mood.

A couple mottos to remember:

Gnothi Seauton (Know Thyself)
Meden Agan (Everything in Moderation

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