Arkadiatri (arkadiatri) wrote,

Well, I find it kind of strange at least that it's 9:15 and I'm the first one from my group around today.

The night before took place in town back home. At one point I was on a train going into town past the South Beach area and the ore dock, and noticed that the water level was down in the ditch to the left and lake shallows to the right, and thought to myself that there must have been a lack of rainfall this summer. At another point I was around my elementary school, in that area, maybe my apartment was there. I lost a tooth and then soon after I lost another (bottom left first molar and the premolar in front of it). Felt the gum and everything, and held the teeth in my hand as I went racing around trying to find the MIT medical building. There were houses all down to Washington or a street before, and it was one street toward the lake and on that far side that the medical building was (it was in the bottom story of a house, maybe a storefront type thing with big glass windows). It took me a while to find it, for some time I was wandering past Fischer School.

Last night was some dream... it was big and long and Lokie, Ian, Rich, and myself were in something with hints of an RPG. Later I was logged on to a virtual world and going around. I was studying Isshinryu there, and some time after practice I ported to a far away city to check my inventory there or something and met a double black belt like Chung coming out of her practice, so we talked a bit about karate, then I proceeded to the tavern, and to rent the warehouse key, which was a metal plate with dinted pattern (think metallic playing card) which slid into a slot in this box which was a log naturally hollowed, and opened up to reveal my stuff - a handful of gold bars (size of those little Hershey bars you get on Halloween, but longer), another of coins (reminiscent of those from Ireland, a few books, pamphlets, and papars, and a bunch of assorted trinkets filling up the space - a horsie like Marianne's, a hand-carved wooden boat/canoe (this was a little boy's earlier in the dream), a sea captain medallion with a chain to a brass anchor (kind of a reminder of an important event, from earlier in the dream, something I could tell a story about, and a couple other things. It was a lot more stuff than I was expecting, and barely fit in the space that couldn't be larger than my laptop footprint. I was trying to look up some information or organize and count my markers or something, and someone like Alisa was occupied by organizing and counting the coins... we were supposed to make a trip together and were gathering resources? Trying to put everything away was more difficult, since now the box was more like a book with leaves of curved wood sheets fitted in, and I took some out to try to fit everything in, but the magic that kept the book closed when you removed the keycard didn't quite work then, so there was a bit of fiddling. I woke soon after that. I wonder what went on earlier - the stories for those medallions and trinkets that I had kept, lost to the early night.
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